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MetTel Launches TrueUC, the first all-in-one mobile Unified Communications solution for the Digital Era

TrueUC Enables a Desktop Workstation Experience with a Galaxy Device, Samsung DeX and Broadsoft UC-One.

MetTel Launches TrueUC, the first all-in-one mobile Unified Communications solution for the Digital Era

MetTel, the communications and digital transformation leader, today launched TrueUC, the first all-in-one unified communications (UC) hub designed to  interconnect key business applications for the mobility and versatility millennial workers demand.

While today’s mobile professional typically relies on a laptop and smart phone, as an alternative, TrueUC can be used with a smart phone or tablet with keyboard powered by MetTel mobile connectivity and mobile device management (MDM). Now the mobile worker is equipped with a single device that provides all business computing and communications.

“TrueUC is the first UC + collaboration solution that brings the best of the market to the device of our choice for the way we live and work today,” said Marshall Aronow, CEO of MetTel. “A new generation of Millennial professionals has grown up with the freedom of mobility, texting, video + voice and the ability to carry their social lives in their pockets. We’ve done the same thing now for their professional lives.”

For the first time, organizations can access a cloud, API-driven UC solution that combines text, voice, video, chat, email and business app integration plus mobile connectivity, Mobile Device Management, single bill and single support number – all from a single source TrueUC provides workflow, communications and productivity capabilities, typically only accessible when in the office – now available with any mobile device.

Fulfilling a Growing Marketplace Need: Accessing Work on the Go

TrueUC can reside on any Android or iOS device and integrate with all any other smart devices, including land lines. TrueUC can easily connect a Samsung DeX enabled Galaxy mobile phone or tablet to a monitor, keyboard and mouse to work in an optimized and secured desktop experience protected by Samsung Knox™ defense-grade mobile security. Samsung DeX also enables optimized Windows VDI solutions for a full remote desktop access.

In addition to its mobile design point and SMS capability, another key differentiator for TrueUC serves as an app hub using a set of open APIs that allow integration with a range of critical cloud business applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce, Box and Twitter, among others, truly enabling a mobile office experience. The solution provides collaboration tools to improve productivity of highly mobile and widely dispersed workers.  Some popular features include instant messaging, voice calling, video conferencing, desktop sharing, email and contextual content. TrueUC is also the only integrated offering of its kind to include SMS text messaging, users can now receive text messages bound for desk phones and respond to them.

TrueUC-Broadsoft Integration Unifies Collaboration and Mobility

MetTel’s strength lies in its ability to integrate best-in class technology from the MetTel ecosystem and across the industry into one service that amplifies customer resources and capabilities while lowering costs. TrueUC is a shining example of MetTel’s core skillset. MetTel showcases this mobile collaboration solution utilizing the BroadSoft UC-One application while leveraging mobile devices from Samsung and others.

“UC-One, a key element of True UC, truly empowers today’s mobile worker” said Jonathan Reid, Managing Director, BroadSoft Worldwide Sales. “UC-One enables teamwork in a mobile environment providing a true collaboration experience anytime, anywhere. Business doesn’t stop when you leave the office and UC-One provides a way to engage others whether in the same building or across the world.”

UC-One is an intuitive collaboration application for calling, messaging, and meeting – ideal for companies of all sizes with mobile and dispersed employees. It includes all the essential unified communications and collaboration capabilities including HD voice and video, instant messaging, presence, file sharing, screen sharing, online meeting rooms with guest access, and integration with popular business applications to provide quick access to content during conversations. UC-One improves workplace collaboration, productivity and mobility, and is available on desktop, mobile and tablet. The popular MyRoom feature enables the user to pull co-workers into a virtual conference room from any other mode of communication.

Pricing for TrueUC solutions begins at $49.99.  For more information, please visit

1Available on Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+ and Note8

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