White Paper

MetTel Portal: Business Intelligence & IT Asset Management Platform

Overview: Reduces Time to Action & Increases Scalability

The MetTel Portal is a proprietary, first of its kind, IT management platform that allows

companies to securely and efficiently manage their technology programs, end-to-end. It was

designed and built to help enterprises improve business-process efficiencies and get the most

out of their growing IT infrastructures.

The MetTel Portal streamlines and centralizes all key aspects of the technology asset lifecycle,

including ordering, inventory and account management, cost analysis, repairs and help desk

services. When using the Portal, your employees become increasingly efficient. The Portal

eliminates menial, time-consuming tasks: one employee can now do what it took ten or more to

do before deployment.

The Portal addresses the needs of customers who engage with multiple IT vendors or network

providers. While the Portal manages IT, it also sits atop your existing technology and financial

programs and communicates with each, enhancing and improving what you are already using.

Because its functionality is instantly actionable, it puts control where it should be: in your hands.